Empowering students with information through our nationwide school tours

Robert Mawunyo with students during the GhanaHighSchools.com Tour
Bridging the Information Gap with GhanaHighSchools.com

GhanaHighSchools.com, a recent initiative by Dodoo Coding Club, aims to provide students with a centralized online resource containing information about all senior high schools in Ghana. The website was created to help thousands of final-year junior high school students easily and quickly decide on their school choices. With free access to the platform, the club has embarked on a nationwide school tour to raise awareness about the website and its benefits.

Spreading the Word: The GhanaHighSchools.com School Tour

The primary goal of the school tour is to reach as many junior high school students as possible, starting with schools in the Greater Accra region. Citizens of this country, especially students, need to hear about the website and how it will be of help to students.

By visiting various basic schools, the club members can introduce the website and its purpose to students, while also guiding them through the navigation process using laptops brought along on the tour. Students have expressed excitement and curiosity about the project and its creators, with schools like Golden Sky Academy, Mayflower Beacon School, Radiant Star Academy, Glorious Child, Pokuase M/A Basic, and many others welcoming the team.

Navigating GhanaHighSchools.com: Tabs and Features

The website offers a range of useful features and tabs to guide students in their search for the ideal senior high school. The Home Tab contains frequently updated information on the top 10 public school rankings in Ghana, categorized into boys, girls, and mixed schools.

The Schools Tab provides information about all senior high schools in Ghana, along with filter features for efficient searching. Students can filter based on the following criteria:

  • School category
  • Day or Boarding status
  • Gender
  • Region and
  • Fields of Study

Upon selecting a school, detailed information such as school code, category, facilities, courses offered, location, number of programs, gender, school type, and contact information is displayed.

Alternatively, you can go through each school without the filter. 

Once you click on a school, All information including the school’s description and details such as school code, category, facilities available, courses offered, location, number of programs, gender, school type, and contact information about the school are displayed. 

The News Tab features educational news in Ghana and the latest updates, while the Information Tab includes details about courses offered in senior high schools, application processes, the academic calendar, and grading system.

The Careers Tab showcases various careers, job descriptions, required skills, recommended courses, and suitable senior high schools for each profession.

You will also find information about the creators of this website, the Dodoo Coding Club, who we are, and what we do on the About Us Tab.

Student Engagement and New Features

GhanaHighSchools.com encourages students to submit educational articles they have written, which are reviewed and, upon approval, published on the website with the student’s name and contact information. This feature offers students an opportunity to develop their writing skills and share their work with others.

The team at GhanaHighSchools.com is constantly working to improve the platform, with plans to add free BECE past questions in the near future. To stay updated, follow GhanaHighSchools.com on Instagram and Facebook.

Gratitude and planning ahead

GhanaHighSchools.com extends its appreciation to the heads of the schools who have supported the initiative and allowed the team to visit and introduce their students to the website.

With continued efforts, the team aims to empower students across Ghana by providing valuable information and resources to help them make informed decisions about their educational future.

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