Nsawkaw State Senior High

  • Category: B

  • Gender: Mixed

  • Type: PUBLIC

  • BONO

Our vision

To be a center where knowledgeable, truthful, honest and courageous, individuals will be capable of solving the challenges of the country to enhance total national growth and development.

About Nsawkaw State Senior High

The school was founded on 18th October, 2008 as a community Senior High School and was absorbed by Government on 28th March, 2012. The school is located in a nice serene environment on the right hand side of the Nsawkaw-Wenchi road adjacent the new Tain District Hospital.

School details

  • University Acceptance Rate: 91%
  • Category:B
  • Type:PUBLIC
  • Gender:Mixed
  • Status:Day/Boarding
  • Number of Programs:4
  • Subjects:Business, Home Economics, General Arts, General Science
  • Location:Nsawkaw
  • School code:0060608

School Features

School facilities

  • Dining Hall
  • Bungalows
  • Dormitory Block
  • Classroom
  • School Bus


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