Follow the procedures exactly to maximise your chance of success.

How does the application process for public Senior High Schools in Ghana work?

Around the time of your BECE, you will receive a form for the Computerized School Selection & Placement System (CSSPS) from your Junior High School.

You need to fill out this form to select the schools you would like to apply to.
To find the right schools for you, use our website,, and talk to your teachers and counselors.

Here is what this form may look like:

You have six (6) school choices!
You are limited in which school categories and types you may select.
It is essential that you follow these rules, which are described below.

What are the key rules?

Rule 1: You must choose 6 schools in total. No less.
Rank them in order of your preference.

Rule 2: You must select programme preference” and “accommodation preference” for each school.
For example, your first choice could be a school with “General Science” and “Boarding”. Your second choice could be a different school with “Visual Arts” and “Day”. For

Rule 3: You cannot select more than 1 Category A school.

Rule 4: You cannot select more than 2 Category B schools.

Rule 5: You can select five (5) choices from Category C and one (1) from Category D (Day)...

Rule 6: You must select all six (6) TVET schools from Category A, B, and C as Day or Boarding, if and only if you wish to pursue purely TVET programmes. a

Rule 7: You need to indicate “YES” or “NO” to either accept or decline to opt for a cluster, applicable to 1st – 5th choices.

Rule 8: As your sixth choice, you must pick a Catchment Area Day school (Category D) or a boarding school from a list in appendix 3 (special Boarding), which will be provided to you by your JHS.

Rule 9: Private SHS and private TVET schools are not part of Free SHS. Students who want to apply to private schools must do so separately from the CSSPS system.

Need an example?

This is an example of a correctly filled form:

Rule 1: Six schools in total

Rule 2: Programme preference and accommodation preference filled for each school

Rule 3: Only one (1) Category A school and two (2) category B schools were selected; the rest from Category C and D

Rule 4: A local “Day only” school (Category D) selected as the sixth choice

Rule 5: Three (3) “YES” and two (2) “NO” cluster options are indicated for the 1st -3rd choice, and 4th – 5th choice respectively

Rule 6: No cluster option for the sixth choice

What happens if CSSPS does not match me to a school?

It’s ok not to be matched. There is a school waiting for you!
Approximately 30% of students cannot be automatically matched to one of their choices, but still have a chance at a spot at a very good Senior High School.

If you are not automatically matched, you need to log into the CSSPS Self-Placement Portal once it opens. Open spots at many schools will be shown in the Self-Placement Portal. The faster you log in, the more choices you will have.

Find the best available school in the Self-Placement Portal (which may include Category A and B schools!), use our school finder as a reference, and select your alternative school.

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